"Let's Play"-friendly developers Wiki
Welcome to the "Let's Play"-friendly developers Wiki
This aims to be a comprehensive list of developers who explicitly allow "Let's Play" style videos of their games to be created, shared, and monetized.
  • Recently, Nintendo caused a controversy by not allowing montezied Let's Play videos of their games. However you feel about their actions, what's clear is that the Let's Play community needs an unambiguous, comprehensive list of where developers stand on this issue. This wiki aims to be that list.
  • This originally started as a reddit thread, but it needed a more permanent home, and one that anyone could contribute to without waiting on me (Lars Doucet, developer of Defender's Quest) as a bottleneck.
  • If you are a developer, you can tweet permission right now with the hashtag #WhoLetsPlay -- but please take the time to add an actual linkable statement on your site (like this one), as that's much stronger!
What does "YES" mean?
The question is: "Can I make videos of your game, and can I share/post them, and can I monetize them?"

YES means yes to all of that. NO means no to some or all of it. For instance, 2K games lets you make & share videos, but not monetize them. So that's a "NO" to the above question.
MAYBE is only for when it's not quite clear because there's not enough information, or conflicting information.


  1. Cite your Sources
    • The gold standard: a "video policy" on the developer's site that explicitly addresses the issue. (Example)
    • Some info is better than no info, but note the uncertainty. A tweet can count as evidence, but it's inferior to explicit, official-site permission
    • Youtube might reject stuff like tweets as evidence, so please replace low-grade permission statements with high-grade ones as possible over time.
    • Official Site Policy > Official Forum Post > Tweet > Post in the reddit thread.
  2. Use the sources, don't trust the chart blindly (this chart is simply a handy index, not an authority in itself)
  3. Yes/No/Maybe/etc - definitions
    • YES means = allows Let's Plays AND allows them to be monetized.
    • MAYBE means = might allow monetization under some circumstances, or we don't know
    • NO means = does NOT allow monetization
  4. Please add yourself if you're a developer!
  5. Try to use this list to get developers to post official permission statements :)
  6. Source material
  7. Terms - definitions
    • NONE means = no or minimal terms. You don't have to do anything special to make monetized Let's Plays.
    • SOME means = you can make monetized Let's Plays, but you have to do something, like link back to their site.
    • EMAIL THEM means = ask them for permission
  8. Help fill in missing information!
    • Add links to each company's game library and/or list of games
    • Add an entry/link for each company's most famous game
    • Add links to each company's main web site

Master List

Company Game(s) Known For Permission Condition Source

2K Games

Library Borderlands, BioShock, X-Com, Civilization, MAYBE See F.A.Q F.A.Q
3909 (Lucas Pope) Papers, Please Papers, Please YES None


82 Apps Library Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball YES None site
Abbey Games Library Reus YES None


Ace Team Library (click on games to view) The Deadly Tower of Monsters YES "You can do any videos you want and monetize them too (no problem)." Steam Community Page
Adrian Schuurmans Library Combat Tanks YES Non-story: None
Story: Some (see tweet)
AlienTrap Games Library Capsized MAYBE None site
All Civilized Planets Library Expander YES None site


Vox Vox YES None tweet
Analgesic Productions Anodyne Anodyne YES None site
Apogee Software Library Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad YES None reddit
Arges Systems Library Hairy Tales YES None reddit
Artery Games Library Secret of the Magic Crystals YES None twitter
Atelier 801 Library Transformice! YES None twitter
Atlus Library Persona MAYBE Email them alloyseven

Badland Studio

Library Kinetic Void YES None steam page
BattleGoat Studios Library Supreme Ruler Series, Supreme Ruler 1936 YES None tweet
BeautiFun Games Library Nihilumbra YES None site
Big Robot Sir, You Are Being Hunted Sir, You Are Being Hunted YES None Forum Post
Black Forest Games Giana Sisters, Rogue Stormers Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams YES None site
Blazing Griffin The Ship: Remastered APB Retribution, Distant Star Classic, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet, Dino Tribes, The Nightmare Cooperative, Gentlemen!, The Ship: Murder Party, The Ship: Remastered YES [on The Ship: Remastered] "Yes and throw a tweet to @TheShipGame and we'll share your content. :) " The Ship: Remastered - Steam Page [Early Access]
Blizzard Library StarCraft, WarCraft, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Diablo YES Some terms
Blue Bottle Games Library NEO Scavenger YES None site
BlueLine Game Studios Library Hive YES None tweet
Bohemia Interactive Library ArmA YES Fill out form & Email them terms
Boomzap Entertainment Library Super Awesome Quest, Monster Roller, Legends of Callasia, Awakening series YES Link to site site
Born Ready Library Strike Suit franchise YES None Twitter
Bossa Studio Library Surgeon Simulator 2013 YES None


Boss Baddie Library Satan Sam, Lunnye Devitsy, Wake, Really Big Sky, Big Sky Infinity YES None twitter
Brainite Tesseract! Tesseract! YES None site
Brain Blinks Library Crashed Lander YES None site
Brain Connected Somyeol YES None site
Broken Rules Library And Yet It Moves YES Link to site twitter
Bullet Game Studios Library Haunted YES Link to site twitter
Bungie Halo series, Marathon, Destiny Halo series YES Email them Terms of Use (Game Content Usage Rules)
Campo Santo FireWatch FireWatch YES Stream and Share About Page

Steam Page

Capybara games Library Super Time Force YES Link to site site

Carbon Games

Library AirMech YES None site

CCP Games

Library EVE Online, Dust 514, EVE: Valkyrie YES See policy site
CD Projekt Red Library The Witcher YES Email them (not clear!) site
Cellar Door Games Library Rogue Legacy YES None tweet
Cheese and Bacon Games Library Bit Beast YES None site
Christine Love Library Analogue: A Hate Story YES None site
Chucklefish Library Starbound YES Link to site faq
ClockBot Games Library YES None reddit
Code Avarice Library Paranautical Activity YES None site
Coffe Stain Studios Library Goat Simulator YES None site
Cold Beam Games Library Beat Hazard YES Link to buy page faq
Covcomm Library queenofrage YES None Tweet
Creative Assembly Library Total War Series MAYBE Email them Wiki
CrypticSea Library Gish, Sub Rosa, Skate or Dont, Hockey? YES None site
Daedalic Entertainment Library Deponia (series), The Whispered World, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout YES Include specific info faq
Dark Vale Games Library Forge MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Daydalus Studio Library MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Dejobaan Games Library Aaaaa! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Drunken Robot Pornography, Monster Loves You! YES None tweet
Deep Silver Library Risen, Risen 2: Dark Waters YES tweet
Devolver Digital Library Serious Sam, Hotline Miami YES None awesome
Digital Extremes Library The Darkness II YES None site
Divine Knight Gaming Library YES Fair Use Applies tweet
Digitalmindsoft  Library Men of War: Assault Squad, Men of War, Call to Arms YES  None Email with link to forum
djoslin Blooprent YES None site

Double Fine

Library Psychonauts, The Cave, Brütal Legend, Gang Beasts YES None site
DrinkBox Studios Library Guacamelee YES None site
@DushanChaciej games Risk of Death Risk of Death YES None tweet
Electronic Arts Library The Sims, SimCity, FIFA, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront MAYBE Email them + Do not upload full length footage/trailers before release. Reddit
Ed Key & David Kanaga Proteus Proteus YES None site forums
Electro Chango S.A. de C.V. Squad Library Kerbal Space Program YES None faq
Elefantopia Library McDroid YES None reddit
Enkisoftware Avoyd YES None site
Entheogen Studios Library Zigfrak YES None site
Epic Games Library Gears of War series, Unreal series YES Some terms
Eyebrow Interactive Library Closure YES None reddit
Eyesodic Games Library Reapers End, Days of Extinction YES None
Eko Software Library How to Survive Game YES None? tweet
Facepunch Studios Library Garry's Mod, Rust YES None site
Firefly Studios Library Stronghold Series, Stronghold Kingdoms YES None terms
FlipFly Library Race the Sun YES None tweet
Focus Home Interactive Library YES None Site
Fragment Production Rescue: Everyday Heroes Rescue 2013: Everyday Heroes, Rescue: Everyday Heroes (U.S./Int.) YES Link to Steam reddit
Francisco Téllez de Meneases Library Unepic YES None Web
Frictional Games Library Amnesia: The Dark Descent YES None forum
Freejam Robocraft Robocraft YES None faq
FrozenByte Library Trine YES None site
Gaijin Entertainment Library War Thunder YES Some


Gaijin Games BIT.TRIP BIT.TRIP YES None site
Garrett Cooper Black Ice Black Ice YES None site
Gaslamp Games Library Dungeons of Dredmor YES Copyright notice in description Blog
Galactic Cafe The Stanley Parable The Stanley Parable YES None Blog
Glass Knuckle Games Library Noir Syndrome, Dumble YES None site
Going Loud Studios Library DLC Quest YES None site
Golden Hammer Software Library Big Mountain Snowboarding, Trick Shot Bowling YES None site
Goldhawk Interactive Library Xenonauts YES Some terms
Greenheart Games Game Dev Tycoon Game Dev Tycoon YES Some eula
Grinding Gear Games Library Path of Exile YES None faq
Hairbrained Schemes Studio Library MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Hammerwing Studios Library YES Link to Site site
Hanako Games Library Magical Diary YES Link to site reddit
Hapa Games Ascendant Ascendant YES Link to site site
Hazardous Software Achron Achron YES None (link to site appreciated) site
Hi Rez Studios Library YES None Hi-Rez statement
Hitbox Library Dustforce YES None site
Hopoo Games Risk of Rain Risk of Rain YES None  site
Humble Hearts Library Dust: An Elysian Tail YES None tweet
Ice Pick Lodge Library Pathologic, Knock-Knock NO thread
Ilumbo YES None site
Instant Kingdom Driftmoon YES None site
Introversion Software Library Prison Architect YES Some IS Support Page
Isaac Karth Library YES None


Jackbox Games Library Jackbox Party Pack series, Drawful series YES None thread
Jagex Games Library RuneScape YES None site
Junction Shark Library Nightmarish Endeavours, Dimensim YES See Tweet tweet
Kalypso Media Library MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Kitsune Games Library YES None site
Klei Entertainment Library Don't Starve YES None site
Konami Library MAYBE Email them alloyseven
kouri Ib Ib NO site
Krillbite Among The Sleep, The Plan Among The Sleep YES None Forum Post
Larian Studios Library Divinity: Dragon Commander YES Email them Site
The Layabouts Library ViViD YES Link to game page on library F.A.Q
Level Up Labs Library Defender's Quest YES None Site
Little Big MMO Library Gangs of Space YES None forum
Locomalito Library YES None twitter
Logic Artists Library Expeditions: Conquistador YES None reddit
Longbow Games Library YES None reddit
Lost Pixel Library Frogatto & Friends YES None image
Machine 22 Library Bret Airborne YES None twitter
Matt Cohen Paranormal Paranormal YES None Steam Forum
Matt Glanville Luminesca Luminesca YES None twitter
Mechanical Butterfly Studios Droopy Blocks, Jump Tanks Droopy Blocks YES None site
Microsoft Game Studios Library YES Some rules
Mike Bithell Library Thomas Was Alone YES None tweet
Michael Todd Games Library Electronic Super Joy YES Email Them Emailed Me
Minor Key Games Library Eldritch YES None eula
Mojang Library MineCraft YES Some terms
Mossmouth Library Spelunky YES Some Blog
Mousechief LIbrary Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!, 7 Grand Steps. YES None site
New World Interactive Insurgency Insurgency YES None tweet
Niklas Riewald Games Plantcore YES Some Blog
Nintendo Library Mario, Zelda, Pokémon NO kotaku
Nonadecimal Creative Library Automata Empire, Social Justice Warriors, Afterdeath YES None fan video page
Nordic Games Library ArcaniA Gothic MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Northway Games Library Incredipede, Rebuild YES None site
Oddworld Inhabitants Library Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus, New 'n' Tasty, etc. YES None Copyright policy


OmNomCom YES Tweet
Overpowered Games Library Telos, FishMoto YES None site
Owl Cave Library Richard & Alice , Sepulchre YES None site
Paper Dino Software Save the Date Save the Date YES None site
Paradox Interactive Library Europa Universalis YES Some youtube Site
Perfect World Entertainment See homepage Torchlight, Blacklight: Retribution, Star Trek Online MAYBE Some site
The Periodic Group Library Periodic Deliveries YES None site
Phr00t's Software Library 3079, 3089 YES None Twitter
Pixel Prone Library Epic Inventor YES None site
Pixelscopic Library Delver's Drop YES None site
PlayDead Library Limbo MAYBE Some site
Play Nimbus Library Wobbles YES None site
Positech Games Library YES None reddit
Project BC Library YES None reddit
Psydra Games Dark Scavenger Dark Scavenger YES None Site
Puny Human Games Library Blade Symphony YES None


Quantic Dream See homepage BEYOND: Two souls NO
Rain Games Teslagrad Teslagrad YES None Statement
Re-Logic Library Terraria YES None faq
Red 5 Studios Library YES None site
Red Barrels Games Outlast Outlast YES See policy Red Barrels Contact Us Page
Red Thread Games Dreamfall Chapters Dreamfall Chapters YES None (post release) FAQ, Twitter
Remedy Entertainment Library Alan Wake YES Turn off Licensed Music site
Red Panda Games Library Curse of Slate Rock Manor, Host Holic, Nowhere Safe YES None
Revenge Games Library Regret YES None Twitter
Riot Games Library League of Legends YES Some terms
Rubicon Development Library Combat Monsters, Great Big War Game YES None
Robot Entertainment Library Orcs Must Die YES None site
Robot Loves Kitty Library Legend of Dungeon YES None FAQ
Robotronic Games Library Gnomoria YES None site
Romino Games Library Awesomenauts YES None site
RuneStorm Library Viscera Cleanup Detail YES None Tweet [1]
Runic Games Library torchlight ,2 YES Some Terms
SCS Software Library Euro Truck Simulator 2 YES None Licence
Sean Hogan Library Anodyne YES None site
Serious Brew Cargo Commander Cargo Commander YES None
Shining Rock Software Banished Banished YES None site
Shiro Games Library Northgard, Evoland 1&2, Until Dark Yes None Site
Signal Studios Library YES None forum
Simon Roth Maia Maia YES None site
Sinister Design Library YES None reddit
SMP Towns Towns YES Some terms
Snowrunner  Library Soda Drinker Pro / Vivian Clark YES None site
Sony Online Entertainment Library DCUO, Everquest, Planetside 2 YES Some site
Sophie Holden Library YES None reddit
Spaces of Play Spirits Spirits YES None site
Spotkin Contraption Maker Contraption Maker YES None Forum
Square Enix YES/MAYBE Twitter

Square Enix Legal Team

Stoic Studios The Banner Saga The Banner Saga YES None site
Subset Library FTL YES None site
Subsoap Library YES None site
Supergiant Games Library Bastion YES Some terms
Swing Swing Submarine Library Blocks That Matter, Tetrobot and Co. YES None twitter
System Era Softworks Astroneer YES None site
Taitale Studios Libary Novus AEterno YES None Forum
Take-Two Library YES? Some terms
TaleWorlds Entertainment Library Mount & Blade YES None forum
TameTick Library Cardinal Quest YES None reddit
Team 17 Library Worms YES None site
Team Kryll Library Below Kryll YES None site
Team Meat/Edmund McMillen Library Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac YES? None formspring
Terrible Posture Games Library Tower of Guns YES Link to buy page [2]
Terry Cavanagh Library Super Hexagon, VVVVVV YES None [3]
The Astronauts The Vanishing of Ethan Carter The Vanishing of Ethan Carter YES None Emailed response via "contact us" form
The Fun Pimps 7 Days to Die 7 Days to Die YES None EULA
The Domaginarium Library Enola YES Link to website Twitter
The Indie Stone Library Project Zomboid YES None site
Toco Games Library Last Knight YES None faq
TopWare Interactive Library MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Torn Banner Studios Library Chivalry: Medieval Warfare YES None faq
Trendy Entertainment Dungeon Defenders Dungeon Defenders YES Some faq
Triple.B.Titles Library Ring Runner YES None faq
Trion Worlds Library YES Some terms
Tripwire Interactive Library Killing Floor YES None site

Twisted Jenius

Library Twisty's Asylum Escapades YES None

Forum Post

Ubisoft Library Everything YES None Forum Post
Unknown Worlds Library Natural Selection 2 YES Some site
Vagabond Dog Library Always Sometimes Monsters YES None site
Valorware Library MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Valve Library Half-Life, Team Fortress 2 YES None site
Vblank Entertainment Library Retro City Rampage YES None permission page
Vertigo Gaming Library Cook, Serve, Delicious!, The Oil Blue YES None web page
Vlambeer Library Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS, Nuclear Throne YES None personalized permission generator
Warner Bros. Interactive Library MAYBE Email them alloyseven
Wakeskater Studio Library SBX: Invasion YES None twitter
Waystone Games Library Dawngate YES None Reddit
Winter Wolves Library YES None reddit
Witch Beam Assault Android Cactus YES None Site
Wolfire Library Overgrowth, Receiver YES None twitter
Worthless Bums Steam Marines Steam Marines YES None twitter
Wube Software Factorio Factorio YES Some site
Wulven Studios Library Shadow Era YES Some terms
Yacht Club Games Shovel Knight Shovel Knight YES None Site
ystygames Library YES None site
Zeboyd Games Library Cthulhu Saves the World YES None twitter
Zen Studios Library Zen Pinball, CastleStorm, Kickbeat YES None Forum Tweet
Zero point software Library Interstellar marines YES None forum
Zombie Studios Blacklight: Retribution Blacklight: Tango Down, Blacklight: Retribution YES Free to View terms
ZUN/ Team Shanghai Alice Touhou Project MAYBE Email them archive

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CDProjekt Red

CDProjekt RED Let's Play and Monetization permission

I just received a reply to my question on whether or not CDProjekt RED allows Youtube monetization, and they gave me a kind and open answer.

"Thank you for your email. We love "Let's Play" videos, so go ahead and record those:) Also, feel free to become a part of YouTube's partner program."

If anybody with the permission wants to edit the list, go right ahead.